Night And Day Restaurant

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Night And Day Restaurant

230  Fifth Avenue (at President Street)
Park Slope, Brooklyn NY 11215

tel: 718-399-2161  /  fax: 718-399-2165
website : 
biscuitbbq.comsubway direction: get off at UNION STREET station (R line),
take PRESIDENT STREET, walk up to 5TH AVENUE then turn right.

We are delighted to discover that our lovely chef, Josh Cohen, owned the late lamented, much praised BISCUIT
BBQ on Flatbush.  Barbecue is desperately needed in Park Slope, which, as we discovered to our cost, another
French, Italian or American bistro, however beautiful, is not.

Josh was featured on the Al Roker show, named best barbecue by Time Out and lavishly praised by the New York

Accordingly, we have decided to adopt Josh, his menu and the name of his restaurant.  This requires retooling
the kitchen and making some adjustments to signage, menus and so on.  Music (musicians are thrilled to know)
will move to the front.  Our beautiful back room remains the NIGHT AND DAY room and is available for quieter
dining, parties, and some of the less raucous presentations.  We aim to re-open the week of October 30.

In the meantime, watch for the return of our two signature shows:

the JOHN McNEIL/BILL McHENRY QUARTET in the front on Sunday November 5 (Guy Fawkes night) at 8:30

and DEBRA AND MARY’S NIGHT ON THE TOWN in the back on Monday November 6, with the incomparable

Also on November 6 from 6-8 there will be an opening of DAVID SAWYER’S exquisite photographs of Scotland,
entitled (wait for it . . . ) SCOTLAND.  Do come!


the night & day skylight room

the night & day
skylight room
@ biscuit bbq

Spuyten Duyvil : 6pm



cover: NO COVER $7 drink/food minimum


Spuyten Duyvil and Starcherone Books are responsible for some of the bravest fiction in Brooklyn.
This reading celebrates the release of Starcherone’s PPFF anthology–that’s prose poem, flash fiction–a collection
of deliriously short works, all crossing the schism of genre. As the anthology’s editor Peter Conners, also the editor
of the edgy online magazine Double Room, says: “PP/FF is a symbol of a vital and important literary form that is
constantly in flux, appropriating, moving and growing. … I have no interest in creating new confinements. Genre is
easier to sell, to teach, to quantify and review, but what does it have to do with creating new art?”


november 29, wednesday

december 1st, friday
for John High’s
Talking God’s Radio Show
(a new novel from Spuyten Duyvil)

The reading will be introduced by Albert Mobilio,
poet, critic, fiction editor of BookForum, and the recipient of a Whiting Writers’ Award and the National
Book Critics Circle award for reviewing.

“Soaked in night visions and pierced through by jagged memory, Talking God’s Radio Show tells that
peculiarly American story in which, as Faulkner once said, ‘The past isn’t forgotten, it isn’t even the
past.’ John High’s Virginia backwaters call to mind the feral, hallucinogenic American landscapes of
Cormac McCarthy’s Child of God , as well as Faulkner’s Sanctuary .”
–Albert Mobilio

John High is the author of eight books, including, The Desire Notebooks (named one of the top
twenty-five books of its year by the Voice Literary Supplement). He is the recipient of four Fulbrights,
two National Endowment for the Arts fellowships, and writing awards from the Witter Bynner
Foundation, Arts International, and the Academy of American Poets, among others. A translator of
several books of contemporary Russian poetry, he was the chief editor of Crossing Centuries: The New
Generation in Russian Poetry. A Zen practitioner, he is on the faculty of the English Department at Long
Island University, Brooklyn where he teaches creative writing and literature. High is currently featured
on Web Del Sol’s site of “Literary Dialogues with Valued Writers and Poets” with Lydia Davis, Aimee
Bender, and Carole Maso:
Visit the author at

“The red-light district of Richmond, Virginia in the mid-sixties is the backdrop [of Talking God’s Radio
Show] and High is the ultimate time traveler-recreating the arcane of a world that seems long gone but
is actually steeped in present day time. Talking God’s Radio Show is airtight and explosive and belongs
on the same shelf as James Ellroy’s My Dark Places and Leslie Silko’s Ceremony.”

–Lewis Warsh, author of over twenty-five books, including The Origin of The World (2001), Touch of the
Whip (2001) and Ted’s Favorite Skirt (2002).

**Book Signing**
**Party starts at 6 pm*
**Reading starts at 6:30**

july 26, wednesday
Book release party:
Starcherone Books and the Spuyten Duyvil Press present PPFF anthology
release party.
Brian Clements, Peter Conners, Sean Thomas Dougherty, Geoffrey Gatza, Ted Pelton, Anthony
Tognazzini, Jessica Treat